Company Story

The company is under sole proprietorship.
Axel Bahr founded the Company in 1984 after apprenticeship at and working for a couple of decades at Deutsche Bank, former Berliner Disconto Bank, in the later years in investment consultancy, specialising in bonds and securities.
‚We drive a strict regime of continuous education at renowned national and international institutions for all employees at my office‘, says Axel Bahr on the issue of product consultation and customer relationship.

Axel Bahr spent five years working for the city of Berlin Building Subsidies Bank (WBK /Investitionsbank Berlin)and has brought this inside knowledge into his then founded office. He has since helped many families – especially those with many children- attain subsidised financing for their residential home projects.
Axel Bahr has a trade concession as required by Paragraph 34c of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act.

The financing and subsidies side of real estate purchases soon brought about the need to have a desk for purchase and sale of real estate property, and letting too, which are now an integral activity of Axel Bahr’s office.
‚Through this broad approach we can service clients in the early planing phase of their property transactions and are of service in financial planing‘ says Axel Bahr.

The office is committed to the Berlin youth opportunities program and offers supervision and internship for youngsters to develop their professional expertise.
In accordance with Berlin City regulations and corresponding trade regulations the office is regularly certified by independent accountants.
Thanks to Mrs. M. Stoll-Dähn the back-office of Axel Bahr is kept operating smoothly and professionally. Mrs. M. Stoll-Dähn is also a certified real estate consultant.